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Furniture Trend Report: Fashion-Inspired Details

Refresh your interior with recliners featuring fashion-inspired details.

If you’re looking to update and refresh your interior for the upcoming summer season, fashion provides rich inspiration. From the runway to everyday wear, today’s most on-trend styles feature classic shapes enhanced with tailored detailing. The perfect expression of everyday elegance, these design directions have made their way to home furnishings — creating looks that are as fashionable as they are functional. 

The new Glenmore Recliner has contrasting leather piping and strap detailing inspired by handbags. Photo: Barcalounger.

Who says a recliner has to look like a recliner? The Glenmore, from the new Barcalounger Correlates Collection is defying the stereotype with a streamlined silhouette that will complement any home decor. 

The linen like fabric of the Glenmore is accented with contrasting leather straps and piping, details inspired by luxury handbag designs. Photo: Barcalounger

The Correlates Collection has 15 styles, 7 in linen and 8 in leather match, all with the look of a high-style accent chair.

The Tayler recliner’s clean lines and shapes convey a Mid-Century Modern flair. Barcalounger.
A soft, touchable fabric gives the Ashebrooke linen recliner chic appeal. Nailhead trim and wood legs add an extra element of fashion, while its reclining design delivers true comfort and relaxation. Photo: Barcalounger
Adding character and charm to a room can be as easy as adding a new chair, and if that chair, like the Danbury Wing Chair Recliner, is classically stylish and also a sumptuously comfortable recliner? Bonus! Photo: Barcalounger
Tailored simplicity isn’t limited to just indoor recliners, as illustrated by the stunning Westbrook Outdoor Living Recliner. Clean lines and elegant detailing combine to create this impressive outdoor reclining chair that also gives a nod to fashion. Photo: Barcalounger Outdoor Living.

Giving your space (indoors our out) fresh appeal starts with finding furnishings you love. Look for pieces that appeal to your personal sense of style and offer comfort you truly enjoy. You might be surprised at how many fashion-forward options there are in today’s motion furniture.

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Red: 5 Reasons to Love It

What can red, the most passionate of colors, bring to your home?

Everyone knows the unofficial color of February. From valentines to roses, the bleak of winter is interrupted this month with shades ranging from pink to scarlet. Red is one of the most powerful colors on the color wheel. Rich with meaning, its bold personality conveys energy, passion and more. Here are the top five reasons we love this classic hue, not only in February but any time of the year

1. It Elicits Emotion.

One of the great things about red is the power it has to create a feeling. Most often associated with love, it’s also synonymous with passion, energy and excitement.

The Laguna reclining collection is shown in a chili pepper shade of red, perfect for transforming a neutral room into a vibrant space. Photo: Barcalounger.

If you’re looking to take a room from blah to brilliant, consider introducing red into your decor plan.

2. It Adds Drama

Just like the perfect piece of jewelry completes an outfit, adding a pop of color can transform a space. If you’re growing tired of the decor in your living area, study or bedroom, refreshing the space can be as simple as adding a red chair.

Quite possibly the perfect red accessory, the Eton Pedestal Chair with Ottoman is packed with personality. It features a 360-degree swivel with auto return, adjustable headrest and sloped pillow arms. Shown here in Capri Red, its comfort is only surpassed by its fashionable presence.

3. It’s Never Boring

No matter what angle you view it from, there’s nothing boring about red in an interior. Using it in your home conveys confidence and character.

Modern yet timeless, the Oracle Recliner offers a sleek profile that’s tailored yet plush. Shown here in Stargo Red, it’s accented with polished chrome metal legs that make a contemporary design statement.

4. It Comes in Many Stunning Shades

Candy apple. Racecar. Cinnamon. Burgandy. Berry. To say there are unlimited shades of isn’t too much of a stretch. Just look at the lipsticks at a makeup counter to discover the many subtle nuances of red that exist. The only question is: What shade is your favorite?

Available in a classic wine leather cover, the Montana Recliner is designed specifically for taller individuals. Its smart proportions include a 45-inch back and extended footrest to ensure a comfortable experience. Nailhead trim and a USB port add even more modern appeal to this timeless recliner.

5. It Never Goes Out of Style

One of the best things about red is that it’s timeless. Unlike color trends that come and go, it’s a classic hue that never feels out of date. And as a primary color, it works beautifully with nearly every shade on the color wheel. If you’re looking to refresh your room, choose your favorite shade of red and get started!

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A Winter White Wonderland for Home


Whether you love cold weather or already have the beginnings of spring fever, now’s the perfect time of year to embrace the beauty of winter’s most stunning shades of white. Nature’s purest color palette — winter white — is fresh, clean and effortlessly elegant. Here’s how to use it in your home decorating.

The Markley Sectional is covered in a lux cream leather and provides sumptuous comfort and infinite options for accessorizing with neutrals or brights. Barcalounger

From crisp, bright white to soft shades of eggshell and stone, winter whites offer a no-fail decorating palette. The Markley Sectional Sofa is covered in a lux cream and offers infinite options for accessorizing with neutrals or brights, depending on the season.

The ultra-modern Emery Chair in Capri-White leather. Barcalounger.

White leather furnishings offer a flexible aesthetic that can be styled to look traditional, contemporary or anywhere in between. The ultra-modern Emery Pedestal Chair in Capri-White offers 360-degree swivel motion with auto-return, an adjustable headrest, adjustable ottoman and angled pillow arms. Its coordinating ottoman gives new meaning to “putting your feet up” in style.

The Cosmo Sofa, Loveseat and Recliner group in Cashmere White leather. Barcalounger.

If you love the comfort of a recliner but want smart contemporary styling, the Cosmo Sofa Group, shown here in Cashmere White, is for you. Available in a sofa, loveseat and recliner, it lets you create a customized seating arrangement that fits your room. 

The Micah Collection is covered in a lux leather in a soft shade of off-white.

Luxurious in every way, the new Micah Collection is coming soon and will add refined style to any space. Crafted in a soft shade of off-white, it’s the ultimate example of this refined color direction.

While spring is just a few months away, embracing the subtle beauty of naturally neutral hues is a great way to celebrate winter.

What’s your favorite shade of white? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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7 Tree-Trimming Tips for Holiday Magic

For many, the Christmas tree-trimming is the center of holiday magic.

Whether you host the holidays or travel, have a large family or small, one theme transcends time and location — the need to rest and relax. This year, don’t let decorating feel like a chore. Be reasonable in what you undertake and choose to focus on what brings you the most joy.

Using one or two colors as a theme for your tree gives an elegant look.

Whether you create a traditional tree full of handmade ornaments collected over the years, or more of a “decorator” tree with careful planning and attention to detail, these 7 tree-trimming tips will help you create your best tree.

Make the top of your tree the focal point

Tip One: Make the top the star. While it’s usually the last thing people decorate, it should be one of the first things you consider. From a traditional angel or star to modern sprigs of colorful decorative branches, be sure to accentuate the top of your tree. 

For a decorator look, limit yourself to 3-4 colors and 1-2 finishes. This tree’s elegant color scheme is cream, chocolate brown and spring green, and the finishes are all gold.

Tip 2: Set the Foundation. The foundation of a tree is its’ shape and color. Make sure all the lights are working and you have enough for the size of the tree. Now, consider your color scheme. For the decorator look, limit yourself to 3-4 colors and 1-2 finishes. In the tree above, the color scheme is elegant and consists of cream, chocolate brown and spring green, with all gold finishes. 

In the tree below, the color scheme is more organic, and features white, natural wood tones and taupe with silver and metal accents (although it looks warmer/more golden when the lights are on).

This tree’s color scheme is organic, featuring white, natural wood tones and taupe with silver and metal accents.

Tip 3: Use ribbon and greenery to fill. Whether your tree is natural or artificial, there will inevitably be gaps in the branches where you can see the trunk. Twisting ribbon and wrapping it in and around those areas helps create a fuller look and set a color theme. I do this before I place ornaments and prefer wired ribbon for its ability to be molded. At the very end, after you’ve placed all your ornaments, go back and fill any empty spaces with decorative picks and/or more loops of ribbon. In this tree, I filled in gaps with floral picks that look like natural cotton branches, as well as pinecones dusted with white sparkles. 

To give your tree balance, use the largest ornaments near the bottom and the smallest ones at the top.

Tip 4: Hang ornaments from the top down, smallest to largest. When you hang the largest ornaments near the bottom and the smallest ones at the top, it makes them easier to see and appreciate. I also tuck some ornaments farther into the tree and pull others out to hang near the end of branches to provide visual depth. I recommend green ornament hooks; they disappear and let the ornament shine.

Choose ornaments that reflect you and your family and bring you joy.

Tip 5: Make it meaningful. Even if you’re creating a decorator tree, choose ornaments that reflect you and your family and that bring you joy. It might be angels, scotty dogs or a favorite college or team — as long as its meaningful to you, the result will be beautiful.

Don’t get so busy shopping, cleaning and cooking that you forget to make time to appreciate your creation.

Tip 6: Sit back and enjoy your tree. Time shared around the Christmas tree are memories in the making. 

If you don’t have an extra-comfy recliner or sofa like the Lavon, it might be time to ask Santa to bring you one.

Tip 7: Make sure you have comfortable seating. Today’s recliners come in styles, shapes and sizes to fit everyone. From plush fabric to sumptuous leather, a chair or sofa is a gift that keeps giving all year long. If you or family members find yourself squished in a typical recliner, you’ll love our Big and Tall options.   If you have small children or just find rocking to be relaxing, our Rocker Recliners and Swivel Glider recliners should be on your gift list.

Here’s wishing you both a happy and RELAXING holiday.

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Relaxing Ways to Enjoy Home This Season

 Whether it’s an old-fashioned campfire or a modern fire pit, it’s calming to gather around a warm and glowing fire, especially to share a snack like Smores.

Everyone enjoys the fun times of summer, spring has plenty of fans, and winter enthusiasts love skiing and holiday celebrations. Yet, there’s something about fall that makes it extra special. 

Maybe it’s the cooler evenings, football games, pumpkin-spice everything or the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. But it’s easy to love the respite between the warmest and coldest months.

Fall is a chance to relax a bit following summer travels and the busyness of the winter holiday season. Photo: williamssonoma.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for enjoying this season to its fullest:

Create comfy, cozy nights outdoors with the Woodland Fire Pit from Barcalounger Outdoor Living.

The excuse to have a fire is one of the best things about the end of summer. Whether it’s an old-fashioned campfire or a modern fire pit, it’s a calming activity that brings people together to relax. Once gathered, there’s always a need for good snacks. We love traditional smores, but if you have a fire pit, or just don’t want to make a mess, try making your own no-mess version with a deep dish smores dipCheck out this recipe, shown in the opening photo, and try it out at your next outdoor gathering. 

Enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or hot apple cider in an outdoor recliner or reclining sofa, like the new Arcadia reclining loveseat from Barcalounger Outdoor Living.

Snuggle In

When the weather eventually sends you indoors, get cozy with seating that’s stylish and comfortable. Add a favorite chenille throw, a cup of cocoa, and light a fire!

We love how the Jefferson Sofa combines soft fabric and rich leather in one stunning look that reclines for amazing comfort. Add a chunky chenille throw, a cup of coffee, and light a fire! Barcalounger.

More Marshmallows, Please

Once you’ve found your favorite seat in the house, it’s time to start talking marshmallows. Whether it’s the little ones you put in your hot cocoa or the color of this sumptuous Seymour Sofa, there’s no such thing as too many. Barcalounger.

The Markley Sectional is offered in the same creamy marshmallow-colored leather as the Seymour, as well as charcoal gray. Markley is the perfect spot for the entire family to connect. Add hot cocoa + you can even charge your electronic devices. Barcalounger 

No matter what your favorite time of year, making time for yourself is always in season. This fall, schedule a little rest and relaxation for yourself and enjoy the restorative benefits of some much-needed downtime.

When it comes to making top-notch cocoa, It’s all about creativity in the kitchen. This truly decadent treat is Frozen Pecan Pie Hot Chocolate, straight from the kitchen of Southern Living. Click the photo for the recipe!   

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